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July 22nd2008

I follow some good number of folks on flickr, and some of these people are truely gifted, as in super gifted. I’d like to show the images from some of these folks today. These are marvellous, and fairly recent. First, these folks dont allow their pics to be embeded, so I followed the rules, and […]

February 23rd2008

Recently the web was a buzz with the news of Microsoft‘s giant 46.6 million US dollars bid for Yahoo. HAHA, that would mean they would own flickr.. haha, these people invented MS-Paint, what do you think would have happened ? 😛 Besides, what would they name it? MS-Flickr ? Bull shit ! 😛 So Yahoo […]

January 8th2008

I m  still missing Asim, and Hassan right now, both are kind of away, on vacations, and here I m writing a post, even though I m a little ill, and did not go to the office today. One of my colleagues at work, Zair, convinced me to join flickr, yes the big big user […]

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