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October 10th2008

I was being a lazy chap and staying in the office most of the time, but any how since one of my uncle (my moms bro) and his family was around and they had planned to take me out, as it’s been around a week since I’ve been in Dubai and haven’t been out ! […]

October 9th2008

It’s actually been like a week since I dropped in Dubai, but I didn’t get the time to write something, I know that may some of you off, but apology is all I can offer right now ! Any how, I flew here to assist a company “Illusio” in their design department, and it’s been […]

January 29th2008

  Times have changed or maybe I m the one who has.. I m here, right in my room right now, and concentrating on the important bit of the moment, missing my love, missing my family, even though they’re just a staircase apart, I do miss them, I miss the times I would spend long […]

December 9th2007

Hi everyone, welcome me back for another little while, my life has become a lot busy these days, which is good and bad at the same time. The GoodnessI believe that being busy helps you forget all the painful and difficult time you’ve had, and takes you away from stuff you don’t want to get […]

October 12th2007

Greetings everyone, and Eid Mubark to everyone ! May this Eid bring happiness and joys of endless boundaries ! Peace be among you !

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