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August 12th2010

Pictures at the end of the post. On the 23rd of last month (July 2010), me and a couple of my friends (+new friend on the trip) decided that we’re going to hit the Northern areas of Pakistan (read: we wanted to go on vacations). I’ve added the nicer pictures here but if you want […]

March 23rd2009

It was around a few months ago when I had donated blood for the┬áthalassemia patients, when I was employed at Creative Chaos, it’s been a long time.. and a very long time if I speak in internet time. Any how, I was at the Blogap forum, when I read the post by Ayesha, that said […]

February 12th2008

I am really happy right now, and I really mean that, why ? Well many reasons.. First it was mom’s birthday, got her a nice chocolate cake, and yes she loved it, oh I am such a nice kid (:P j/k). I also had Fahd and Iraj visit me at work, which was nice, even […]

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