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March 2nd2009

As you can notice from the image above, I’m really loving my cheap drawing tablet. I tried playing with it, and those were the outcomes, even though the game we launched recently at Xuqa on Facebook, is more of a glossy thing than it is sketchy, you can check it out hereĀ (You need to be […]

February 10th2009

Ello Ello I had been pretty much been occupied with a facebook application our team here at Xuqa had been working on, and it’s very much near completion now. Things are progessing nicely and design and development is getting closer to the polished stage. We’re left with the Quality Assurance department. After that we’re good […]

May 21st2008

Teabreak is growing, and moving steady, in the right direction, which is definitely a very good thing. It has a good number of people signing up each day, and more blogs get added and a whole big number of blog posts aggregated every single day. It’s also a very heavy site, which is good, heavy […]

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