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July 28th2008

I wish I was much better that day.. oh yesterday I mean… I was supposed to be there early, and sadly I turned out to be the one who entered last from the whole team.. 🙁 Why you may ask.. damn I wasn’t well, vomiting all around, with my face stuck deep inside the commode […]

June 21st2008

Remember I once had talked about that I had become a member of Metal seinen after a great artist get together we had, well guess what, these folks had a one year anniversary, and they had planned out a get together, which I went to yesterday, hell it was really nice, got to talk and […]

October 30th2007

I am having real lots of fun with the new LCD and the sound system I have now ! I enjoy working long hours now, in fact I’ve started using it more effectively 🙂 Any how, what I am writing about is good and bad, is fine and great with me. I have been working with […]

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