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Live it up!

December 16th2013

Live it up! Life’s too short for Hate, or everything. A poster I made to put on my desk, but I guess it’ll be a little while before I get it printed and put it up.. I m lazy ass.. so in the mean time.. online it goes 😉

February 6th2009

I’ve been enjoying all the good days so far, even though I do get angry during work sometimes, but it all goes away when the final thing is out, the angre is obvioulsy just so that the right thing comes out. I’ve been in Singapore for quite some time now, but honestly haven’t really gone […]

January 28th2009

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve been staying in Singapore, and I’ve been eating out mostly, haven’t had a single meal that was made at home, and it’s fine right now, since we dont have enough material to cook right now, but anyhow, the food had been good so far, until we decided […]

May 21st2008

Teabreak is growing, and moving steady, in the right direction, which is definitely a very good thing. It has a good number of people signing up each day, and more blogs get added and a whole big number of blog posts aggregated every single day. It’s also a very heavy site, which is good, heavy […]

March 18th2008

I m in a very odd yet happy mood right now, yes I m aware it’s 4:40 am and I should be snoring, but well.. who cares, right ? So life’s really nice right now, I m enjoying at my work place, and plan to drop there early today, Inshallah, and also that I spoke […]

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