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August 20th2012

It’s Eid here in Pakistan now.  So please accept my religious greetings for the day, Eid Mubarak. I do agree if you’re going to tell me this is not one of the better works I’ve put online. Something quick and dirty was in my mind. 🙂

November 7th2011

Eid Mubarak everyone 🙂 I’d like to thank two stock artists for this image. For the pattern. For the brush strokes.

September 17th2009

Good things and bad things happened just about the same time. boinkers.. The good first.. Paras Amir Ali Allana who I know through flickr and Raheel Lakhani was in town recently with here family.. And since she’s a friend how could I not show her around, even though I haven’t seen this place much. We […]

December 10th2008

Hello folks. I upgraded my wordpress installation last night to 2.7, which turns out to be super cool. Except that I like the top nav in wordpress better, but I think I m going to get used to this one super fast. Oh wait I already have 😛 I really like the 2 click upgrade […]

December 23rd2007

Eid’s almost over, I m supposed to meet H-N and Najam today, let’s hope we have fun, this Eid went pretty much relaxing, but boring ! The Bar B Q wasn’t fun either ! I m also working on the new version of my portfolio website, which should be online soon, I m kind of […]

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