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September 17th2009

Good things and bad things happened just about the same time. boinkers.. The good first.. Paras Amir Ali Allana who I know through flickr and Raheel Lakhani was in town recently with here family.. And since she’s a friend how could I not show her around, even though I haven’t seen this place much. We […]

August 18th2008

18th August’08 will go down in history as the not so normal day.. President Pervaiz Musharraf, stepped down as a president, while resigning from the office of the president and leaving the President house… People you need to wake up.. we’ve been seeing a lot of hush hush to get the country into democracy… well […]

June 2nd2008

Yeah well, I know thats a bad to start something after quite some time, but damn, I wasn’t blogging cause my web host was freakin down. Damn man.., but it’s back and kicking, though it’s a little slow right now, should be good in no time I hope 😀 I even started a new mini […]

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