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May 6th2009

I m not going to write much on my life in this post, I m going to write about Tea Break here. For me the project Tea Break started when Asim Imtiaz and me used to sit only rooms apart and me and Zair sat inches apart in Creative Chaos. Asim got me into this […]

February 10th2009

Ello Ello I had been pretty much been occupied with a facebook application our team here at Xuqa had been working on, and it’s very much near completion now. Things are progessing nicely and design and development is getting closer to the polished stage. We’re left with the Quality Assurance department. After that we’re good […]

January 20th2009

Yep, The place I’ve been working for quite some time, wants me to join at their office in Singapore, so as much as I m excited, I m also a a bit sad, ask me the reason, and I’ll tell you that I m going to be missing my family a lot. This is not […]

June 18th2008

Lately me and Asim Imtiaz had been co-ordinating on putting the last pieces of the big joint venture together, the whole collaboration involved WordPress (as the basic ground), Asim (on further complex development), Ammar (Marketing, sponsorships), Me (design and front end code) and Zair (front end code). Yes my friends teabreak is just round the […]

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