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August 13th2012

Posting this a day earlier, so you guys can actually get a glimpse of it. Otherwise it just gets lost in the dozen other images that go up on the same day. So Happy Independence day to all my Pakistani behen bhai’s.. specially the behens 😀

October 14th2008

Incase you’re going to question the random map on the above image, that is the percentage of poverty in the world right now, as can be shown on the left. As for the issue of poverty in general. We usually take things for granted, think about our own problems and consider them very big, take […]

August 11th2008

Independence day is near, and instead of making some thing very nice on those lines, I’d made up a pretty negative type work ! And why you may ask this is.. Well I m not that bad, I m also going to make one on a positive vibe too, but for now there are too […]

February 13th2008

Happy Valentines day to all ! I sent this card to my honey. Feel free to tell me the card is not that nice 😛 Have a lovely day, and for all those single ppl out there.. enjoy life 🙂 Love you all ! 🙂

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