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February 15th2008

I hate how all these creepy/crappy face book application invitations pop in my fb account, I just hate it, but never mind, that’s not what I had to say. What I really had to say is, our CTO might be thinking, how gay me, and H-N are…. 😛 There I was working like a good […]

January 20th2008

I am suppose to be at work in half an hour, and it’s almost an hour long ride from my house, and I haven’t even left my room. Things have been a little off since Sunday, my computer needed an OS refresh, which mean’t installing everything from scratch, and not to mention backing up all […]

January 6th2008

I know it’s been some time, since I last scribbled, and I thought, now is the time to let the few people who read this space know why I haven’t put some new text here… I recently discovered a set back from one of our clients back at work (Creative Chaos), which was kind of […]

December 30th2007

  Thursday 27th of December 2007, was the day that will go down in history as one of the worst days of Pakistan, why ? Because Benazir Bhutto (Former Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan) was assassinated in Rawalpindi, and also because hell broke loose all over Pakistan. I was one of the many […]

November 27th2007

I don’t get what the title says itself, though it may hold some meaning for some, and not so much meaning for others… Never mind that, I m acting like a moron already, you see less sleep leaves me drained ! 😛 Yes I was at office again, and late, I thought I’d leave but surprise […]

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