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June 12th2011

Continuing from my previous post “Stuff from the storage“, I’ve added a few more pictures. Let me tell you what’s in here. There are a few things to note though, these are like ages old, like in my older post, a Mamiya 135Ef belonged to 1979. An Alarm clock by Linden A flash gun by Metz, […]

December 25th2008

Alot of people know that I haven’t been well medically, that is my health isn’t at it’s best right now, so I m staying a little low, and with 25th December, I thought I’d relax alot at home, though the plan was to watch movies and stay up, it didn’t quite work out that way […]

October 9th2008

It’s actually been like a week since I dropped in Dubai, but I didn’t get the time to write something, I know that may some of you off, but apology is all I can offer right now ! Any how, I flew here to assist a company “Illusio” in their design department, and it’s been […]

August 15th2008

A couple of folks at my work place might know this, and alot of my relatives and friends do too. My dad is not well, and had a mild paralysis attack this last Tuesday, two days before the independence day. Here’s what happened. We are assuming this Attack was in the morning, since he seemed […]

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