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January 11th2009

Above is the new desktop background that I made recently honouring Ernesto Che Guevara. I’ve been hearing alot about him in my office recently and obviously one of the songs which is a tribute to him, so anyhow I thought what the hell I can give a little tribute to the him myself, hence this […]

July 5th2008

It’s the week end, now isn’t ? so I should be out going crazy and acting like a holligan… but i m not, infact I was out playing cricket with about a quarter of my office staff near my collgue’s house.. coolness.. yes, very much yes.. It’s one of the ways I get to excercise […]

March 24th2008

Just when I thought my life was getting better, I came to know that I even made it to the third place to a photography competition, WOW ! This is the competition that was started when we were at the Hingol National Park. Then uncle Fahap, dropped by crying at my office, he acted much […]

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