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June 14th2009

So about two weeks at out own apartment, it feels really good. The feeling of staying away from office when it’s a weekend is really good. No one actually knocks from the office to wake you up. I love that! While I was at work on Friday, I got my package, finally. Now I have […]

June 7th2009

This is the first week end at our new place, I m not going to say this weekend has been awesome far, because that would be a lie, I have been trying to work out somethings, sadly it hasn’t been working. I had been busy trying to manage some folks from India, but these guys […]

July 12th2008

I m a mood that sings happiness right now, I hope I stay in that mood for as long as I can, I seriously hope so. I’ve been playing cricket lately, which is an essential part of you if you want to describe yourself a Pakistan 😛 ok maybe it’s not, but I m enjoying […]

July 5th2008

It’s the week end, now isn’t ? so I should be out going crazy and acting like a holligan… but i m not, infact I was out playing cricket with about a quarter of my office staff near my collgue’s house.. coolness.. yes, very much yes.. It’s one of the ways I get to excercise […]

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