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September 17th2009

Good things and bad things happened just about the same time. boinkers.. The good first.. Paras Amir Ali Allana who I know through flickr and Raheel Lakhani was in town recently with here family.. And since she’s a friend how could I not show her around, even though I haven’t seen this place much. We […]

December 25th2008

Alot of people know that I haven’t been well medically, that is my health isn’t at it’s best right now, so I m staying a little low, and with 25th December, I thought I’d relax alot at home, though the plan was to watch movies and stay up, it didn’t quite work out that way […]

November 18th2008

Hello folks. How you all been doing.. I know no ones gonna answer that in the comments but anyhow.. This last week end didn’t go so well for me, for a couple of reasons. Some of them are what I will not write about here, but the rest.. oh well, read on. I was already […]

August 24th2008

A day or two back, my friend H-N was at my place for some work reasons, and guess what, he got Najam‘s external HDD with him, which had his files, a dozen and more bunch of viruses.. My antivirus (avast), instantly recoginized these viruses, and stopped most of them, some were too quick and planted […]

May 27th2008

Hey there ‘online aur offline dostoon’, wassup ? how’s life ? For me, right now it’s like something thats lying dead still in the junk yard waiting to be bought by someone and used in something kick ass… Yes seriously ! I mean work is good, yes, but the things I m working on, aren’t […]

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