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April 12th2009

Ok so here’s the thing, as I kid and seeing that TV series that had Mr. T in it, I wanted a mohawk, but obviously as one can tell, it’s not quite safe to do so in Pakistan, and flying to Dubai didn’t help either, so when I landed in Singapore, I knew I was […]

July 22nd2008

I follow some good number of folks on flickr, and some of these people are truely gifted, as in super gifted. I’d like to show the images from some of these folks today. These are marvellous, and fairly recent. First, these folks dont allow their pics to be embeded, so I followed the rules, and […]

November 25th2007

Work, work and less play makes any sane person a bad boy…or girl ! 😛 Yeah I’ve been working late these days, and honestly it’s nice to work late, specially if you’re employed by CC. You can put on great music, have some cool things to eat, get drunk on soft drinks, or make coffee […]

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