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August 24th2008

A day or two back, my friend H-N was at my place for some work reasons, and guess what, he got Najam‘s external HDD with him, which had his files, a dozen and more bunch of viruses.. My antivirus (avast), instantly recoginized these viruses, and stopped most of them, some were too quick and planted […]

January 20th2008

I am suppose to be at work in half an hour, and it’s almost an hour long ride from my house, and I haven’t even left my room. Things have been a little off since Sunday, my computer needed an OS refresh, which mean’t installing everything from scratch, and not to mention backing up all […]

December 2nd2007

  I was not really well a day before, and that’s one reason I did not go to the office, I had diarrhea.. some one some where should go..eww. ! 😛 Any how, since I was better yesterday, better as in, I was a little weak, but I wasn’t that bad, and as it so […]

November 29th2007

Yesterday, at work I got a new computer, a new desk, a new location, Even though the computer and the desk is lovely, I m not such a fan of the location ! Besides the location, all’s good… the badness? I can’t use Thunderbird there ! Other than that, things are pretty awesome, infact I […]

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