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June 9th2011

I m pretty sure no one’s going to be interested in my CKCP wallpaper, but then I made this for myself, but incase you’re very much in love with my website, why not put on this wallpaper on your desktop 🙂 Click on the image above for the full size.

July 1st2008

It’s been some time since I blogged, and I have one big excuse.. FREAKING CRAZY PTCL… ! Yes my phone line was dead, until I decided I had enough, and got my DSL disconnected and purchased WiMax from Wateen.. it’s been a good ride with Maxcom, but PTCL made it miserable.. 🙁 Any how, I […]

June 18th2008

Just in case you missed the last post, I had announced, that the new version of Teabreak is just around, and well folks, it’s here now, yes right this moment, it’s online… so boys and girls, uncles and aunties.. spread the love.. send us some postcards 😀 The new version relies some amount of it’s […]

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