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June 9th2011

I m pretty sure no one’s going to be interested in my CKCP wallpaper, but then I made this for myself, but incase you’re very much in love with my website, why not put on this wallpaper on your desktop 🙂 Click on the image above for the full size.

July 6th2010

Hi there folks, I m in a process of rebranding myself (and obviously my work identity Conceptual Konfusion Creative Park). These changes will obviously start to show slowly since I m also occupied with lots of office work, plus I have more activity going on in my life since I moved back to Karachi, PK. […]

July 15th2008

Yes this is another random post, just today someone said I should tel people about the inflation in the prices, but hell they already know about it, it’s not somethign they hsould get to know from my blog. After the release of the new version of my website, I’ve seen some good traffic, and also […]

July 10th2008

How’s everyone doing ? I m hoping everyone’s rocking, like I m right now.. 😀 my website, has been relaunched.. yes it’s updated and it’s one page rockness.. I hope you folks think it’s good, and get me some business 😛 nevermind, check it out. It would be uber cool if some one could […]

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