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April 11th2008

It’s very much a challenge when you work at a company as awesome as the one I work at, I mean seriously, I love my job, I know there are times, I’d want to pull out my hair and bang my head on the walls, and maybe scream on some one’s face, but hey, that’s […]

April 7th2008

It’s around 1 am already, and yet I sit here on my chair near my desk at work ! Not that I hate it, but it’s too late, and I m bored. I m pretty much bored coz I’ve done with my today’s work, and most of my energy has been drained like filthy water […]

February 12th2008

I am really happy right now, and I really mean that, why ? Well many reasons.. First it was mom’s birthday, got her a nice chocolate cake, and yes she loved it, oh I am such a nice kid (:P j/k). I also had Fahd and Iraj visit me at work, which was nice, even […]

November 27th2007

I don’t get what the title says itself, though it may hold some meaning for some, and not so much meaning for others… Never mind that, I m acting like a moron already, you see less sleep leaves me drained ! 😛 Yes I was at office again, and late, I thought I’d leave but surprise […]

November 20th2007

It’s been ages since I last blogged, and the most sincere (and probably also the lamest) excuse I can give right now is that I dont have an internet connection at home and I dont blog from my work place, but since I had a little time I thought I should today, maybe that’ll also […]

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