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October 21st2009

In the last few days we as bloggers, tweeples (and whatever other word you’d like to associate to it) suffered a great loss. Salman Mehmood who was more commonly known as ‘skdev’ online passed away at the age of 24. Personally I hadn’t known him very well, but for his actions online and for the […]

August 9th2009

Let’s do a little recap here.. shall we. I went to Pakistan recently, and had a good time, which included the Tweet up, which I didn’t quite write about. It was one of the best things I attended in Pakistan since the Bloggers meet up. I met some more people, some really awesome ones, took […]

March 17th2009

With this post going up, I came to a realization that I’ve been putting up alot of energy in lots of things, keeping me fresh and popping with ideas, which obviously is a good thing, I always thought distration is a bad thing, but somehow I think it’s good to be distracted from time to […]

December 18th2008

Hey folks, remember I had posted earlier that I enjoyed the Bloggers meet up in Karachi. I had appeared in front of a flip cam to record a lil video, that video is out now, check it out. Incase you don’t know me in person, I m the third person who appears in that video. […]

December 7th2008

I’ve been bloggin for quite some time now, I used to do it ona friend’s hosting service before I got my own hosting for work reasons, it was much of a freedom after I had my own hosting. Blogging for me helped me to stay calm and all, you see I could say anything I […]

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