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December 10th2008

Hello folks. I upgraded my wordpress installation last night to 2.7, which turns out to be super cool. Except that I like the top nav in wordpress better, but I think I m going to get used to this one super fast. Oh wait I already have 😛 I really like the 2 click upgrade […]

November 26th2008

It’s been quite some time when it was a visual upgrade for this blog, and it’s quite that time again that it gets a new coat of paint. I believe that even though everyone’s getting newer and faster internet connection, this blogs should load faster and smoother than it does now, so I’ve decided that […]

October 14th2008

Incase you’re going to question the random map on the above image, that is the percentage of poverty in the world right now, as can be shown on the left. As for the issue of poverty in general. We usually take things for granted, think about our own problems and consider them very big, take […]

September 11th2008

Recently, my website and blog both had been facing downtime, and it wasn’t due to some tech issue, it was actually my negligence, yes I was the one to blame.. I had received a couple of emails of notifications that my domain will soon expire if I do not renew it at the earliest, and […]

July 6th2008

Teabreak has been reviewed on SAMAA TV, yes thats one more step to a bigger achievement 😀 Congrats to the Tea Break team, and a big thanks to all our users and audience.

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