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May 4th2012

I haz the lava lamp again! I had my birthday on the 22nd of April, and the lava lamp came as a gift. And I love this little blobbling thing man! Any how, some pictures thought I could put them up, this blog is getting stale anyways. 🙂

June 24th2011

This is Jamshed’s cake. He’s one of the guys who’s going to laugh at your every joke.. seriously.. So we thought his cake should laugh at him

April 28th2009

I m writing this post a few days after by birthday, which I had on the 22nd of April, and why was is this a late post, because I was occupied by by quite some stuff. The 22nd of April, even though was my birthday, it isn’t that much of a special day, it’s like […]

May 11th2008

Sometimes we see the bright side of a picture, and sometimes we see the dark side, and the most neglected side of the picture remains neglected, the transparent side, this is actually the side that reveals the truth. We’ve been seeing a couple of good young folks saying good by to Creative Chaos, to push […]

April 23rd2008

I know there are some people that might be angry, that I m not blogging much..well, here’s a hug, and an apology. 🙂 The internet at my place is down, why..? Because my phone is dead, and since I have DSL, it wont work without a phone line, some cables got damaged, and that resulted […]

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