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June 2nd2008

Yeah well, I know thats a bad to start something after quite some time, but damn, I wasn’t blogging cause my web host was freakin down. Damn man.., but it’s back and kicking, though it’s a little slow right now, should be good in no time I hope 😀 I even started a new mini […]

April 11th2008

It’s very much a challenge when you work at a company as awesome as the one I work at, I mean seriously, I love my job, I know there are times, I’d want to pull out my hair and bang my head on the walls, and maybe scream on some one’s face, but hey, that’s […]

January 6th2008

I know it’s been some time, since I last scribbled, and I thought, now is the time to let the few people who read this space know why I haven’t put some new text here… I recently discovered a set back from one of our clients back at work (Creative Chaos), which was kind of […]

December 13th2007

I m feeling some goodness for no real reason, really, you see, I think I came out of the mini depression period, and it so seems that one of my friends is into one, yes this is my reference to H-N’s depression (This is what I mean). Oh and I just got to know, that […]

December 9th2007

Hi everyone, welcome me back for another little while, my life has become a lot busy these days, which is good and bad at the same time. The GoodnessI believe that being busy helps you forget all the painful and difficult time you’ve had, and takes you away from stuff you don’t want to get […]

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