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October 9th2008

It’s actually been like a week since I dropped in Dubai, but I didn’t get the time to write something, I know that may some of you off, but apology is all I can offer right now ! Any how, I flew here to assist a company “Illusio” in their design department, and it’s been […]

July 15th2008

Yes this is another random post, just today someone said I should tel people about the inflation in the prices, but hell they already know about it, it’s not somethign they hsould get to know from my blog. After the release of the new version of my website, I’ve seen some good traffic, and also […]

March 30th2008

Another week end post.. Yes I ‘ve got a little rusty writing these. But hey, it’s my blog 😛 Anyways, this week end was a bit tiring, but worth it.. Friday night was the usual late, but I managed not to sleep and go to H-N’s house in the morning from then onwards we headed […]

October 30th2007

I am having real lots of fun with the new LCD and the sound system I have now ! I enjoy working long hours now, in fact I’ve started using it more effectively 🙂 Any how, what I am writing about is good and bad, is fine and great with me. I have been working with […]

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