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March 4th2011

I was recently at another Bori Matrimonial ceremony, this time it was a colleague’s brother’s Valima. We had the dinner all Bori style, and it’s freakin awesome, I think I need to find myself a Bori girl 😀 The following picture was taken when everyone was being served dinner.. Yes in Bori tradition you sit on the ground and […]

November 13th2010

I just got a copy of “HTML 5 for Web designers” written by Jeremy Keith and published by A book Apart. I also received a letter from Jeffery Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria & Mandy Brown. Thanks to my mamo (uncle) Shakil ur Rehman, and my cousin Jimmi for sending my this book 🙂

November 1st2010

Oh my – a shot from the show “Thora Pyar, thora murder” I went to see this show last night, needless to stay I enjoyed it alot. What I do dislike is how crappy my pictures came out, this one I guess is about the only one which looks a bit better, the rest are […]

October 13th2010

Some of my recent shots, Feel free to blabber about them 🙂

September 4th2009

I recently bought a Kodak Zx1, and very recently bought 2 lenses online from usb fever, just received them yesterday, and I’ve been playing with them since, these are awesome seriously. Order them at will and your pictures will be much better 🙂 Here are some of the pictures I took with the lenses on, […]

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