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August 30th2011

Yesterday was like sudden rain, cloudy and a sudden change of weather, something most people in Karachi welcomed I guess.

August 12th2010

Pictures at the end of the post. On the 23rd of last month (July 2010), me and a couple of my friends (+new friend on the trip) decided that we’re going to hit the Northern areas of Pakistan (read: we wanted to go on vacations). I’ve added the nicer pictures here but if you want […]

June 21st2010

I’ve probably have had quite a weekend after quite some time, it just keeps getting better, no kidding and I m loving it. First I get to meet my friends (Anum, Imran & Haris) over for lunch at Nando’s, where by the way I scored a free meal, ooh that’s an interesting Espetata story, and […]

May 6th2009

I m not going to write much on my life in this post, I m going to write about Tea Break here. For me the project Tea Break started when Asim Imtiaz and me used to sit only rooms apart and me and Zair sat inches apart in Creative Chaos. Asim got me into this […]

March 17th2009

With this post going up, I came to a realization that I’ve been putting up alot of energy in lots of things, keeping me fresh and popping with ideas, which obviously is a good thing, I always thought distration is a bad thing, but somehow I think it’s good to be distracted from time to […]

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