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November 30th2010
June 11th2008

Here is some stuff from me, that I’ve put online as of late 😀 See this on deviantart/flickr (This one is also a dedication to Hassan Sarwar.) See this on deviantart/flickr

May 16th2008

Well yeah, super heros, how would they look, once they’re old and in their senior years ? Donald Soffritti with some time and a real mind came up with the idea to illustrate them old. Here’s how they’d look : Aquaman Batman & Robin Doctor Octopus Elektra Flash Hulk Spiderman Super girl Superman Thor Mulher […]

January 8th2008

I m  still missing Asim, and Hassan right now, both are kind of away, on vacations, and here I m writing a post, even though I m a little ill, and did not go to the office today. One of my colleagues at work, Zair, convinced me to join flickr, yes the big big user […]

October 21st2007

Yes, Yes, the jam session has been postponed ! 🙁 It’s now on the 27th of his month, which is this coming Saturday ! Lately I had been pretty sick, yes sick, so I had people coming in, checking on how I was doing, now I m pretty good, Alhamdolillah ! And yesterday, as I […]

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