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June 10th2011

My Apple Macbook’s new bottom case just got replaced! I love the smell and texture of the free replacement 😀 Thanks to Zuhair at Media Center PK, and Apple Inc. in general for this replacement, had I paid for this it would have set be back 10,000 PKR. Also Thank you Abbassi Ali for taking […]

June 8th2011

My mac has had this problem since I guess the end of last year (2010), and Apple just recently released a fix for this (Thank you Ahmer Sultan for telling me about it). I was all like this is going to cost alot, since I got in touch with the people at Media Center, and […]

April 9th2009

It’s been a long time since I wanted an Apple computer of my own, but since these are the expensive machines and not quite in everyone’s budget, I had to stick to the PC for as long as I know, except a few times at I used at my work place, and for quite some […]

April 4th2009

So I flew back to Singapore on Thursday, 2nd of April at night, and got here in the morning of the 3rd. I wouldn’t say it was the best flight I ever took, but I guess it did the job, I m not going to whine much, since I’ve gone through some really nice things […]

May 29th2008

I was reading through the feeds on my google reader, and I found an interesting thing on Brand new, I found Jane’s Brand timeline potrait, which prompted me to do one on my own too.. So here’s my take on it… whats yours ?

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