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May 6th2009

I m not going to write much on my life in this post, I m going to write about Tea Break here. For me the project Tea Break started when Asim Imtiaz and me used to sit only rooms apart and me and Zair sat inches apart in Creative Chaos. Asim got me into this […]

March 8th2009

6th March 2009, the day active bloggers in Karachi met again to discuss various issues affecting our nation online and offline, organized by Google Pakistan, CIO Pakistan and Wateen Telecom, turned out to be quite some resolutions and suggestions, thoughts and valuable brainstorming. I reached the venue a little late, since I was coming straight […]

December 7th2008

I’ve been bloggin for quite some time now, I used to do it ona friend’s hosting service before I got my own hosting for work reasons, it was much of a freedom after I had my own hosting. Blogging for me helped me to stay calm and all, you see I could say anything I […]

August 17th2008

Hello folks.. here’s some Sunday Smiles love from Kurri Pataki.. ! She tagged me, and I had not posted any sort of tag material for a long time, I thought I’d do now… Random 8 things about myself.. Two of my little write ups was published in the school mag, when I was in grade […]

July 12th2008

I m a mood that sings happiness right now, I hope I stay in that mood for as long as I can, I seriously hope so. I’ve been playing cricket lately, which is an essential part of you if you want to describe yourself a Pakistan 😛 ok maybe it’s not, but I m enjoying […]

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