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March 8th2009

6th March 2009, the day active bloggers in Karachi met again to discuss various issues affecting our nation online and offline, organized by Google Pakistan, CIO Pakistan and Wateen Telecom, turned out to be quite some resolutions and suggestions, thoughts and valuable brainstorming. I reached the venue a little late, since I was coming straight […]

September 18th2008

I ‘ve been trying to write a blog post since 3 days, but you can’t do that when you’re occupied with lots of work plus you’re tired and sleepy. So any how, I just found time to write about things that are going around in my life (other than constant electric breakdowns). I had been […]

August 21st2008

I guess most people now know, that I had resigned from Creative Chaos (Pvt.) Ltd. last month, and was just serving my notice period, and then I had some great opportunities to select from.. I think I had found the right one, and might be relocated for that particular purpose. Right this day, it’s going […]

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