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June 21st2010

I’ve probably have had quite a weekend after quite some time, it just keeps getting better, no kidding and I m loving it. First I get to meet my friends (Anum, Imran & Haris) over for lunch at Nando’s, where by the way I scored a free meal, ooh that’s an interesting Espetata story, and […]

March 23rd2009

It was around a few months ago when I had donated blood for the┬áthalassemia patients, when I was employed at Creative Chaos, it’s been a long time.. and a very long time if I speak in internet time. Any how, I was at the Blogap forum, when I read the post by Ayesha, that said […]

April 7th2008

It’s been a little while, since I actually scribbled something on my tiny little online journal, thought, I’d post some great things that have been happening in my life, lately ! Last Friday was Rashid’s Valima, (Rashid the network admin at Creative Chaos), any how, not only did it turn out to be a fun […]

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