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Live it up!

December 16th2013

Live it up! Life’s too short for Hate, or everything. A poster I made to put on my desk, but I guess it’ll be a little while before I get it printed and put it up.. I m lazy ass.. so in the mean time.. online it goes 😉

December 12th2013

I m more of a Sir Richard Branson fan, but then again you end up respecting people for what they’ve done. In that context I truely admire what Mandela had done for his country, for his people.. The struggles and the pain he put himself through just so the other won’t have to. In his […]

November 21st2013

Finally I think I found some time to do something on my own. Amperstand has been one of my favourite symbols in the English language, so I decided to give it a shot. Amperstand, one of the most beautiful characters of the english language. It can be traced back to the 1st century A.D. and […]

August 23rd2013

To all those who’re out there alive breathing human souls (and no not that google bot) who some how decided that they’d come here and read this space, let me tell you I have been an invisible man for my blog. It’s been a good couple of months since I last wrote, and it has […]

April 1st2013

Hello there people. If anyone does read at all, a-lo a-lo a-lo.. I’ve been working with VentureDive for a few months already, leading their UI/UX side. It’s a good team to be working with and I m enjoying too. Over the past couple of months I had been busy with some internal and client projects, […]

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