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November 1st2012

I’ve been busy lately, which is why this blog hasn’t been updated in a while, not that anyone cares or reads.. Anyways, here’s a few things happening lately. I’ve joined Venture Dive, which is a mobile + web apps company mostly. We have a small range of products and the list is expanding. The team […]

September 17th2012

Credits: Original image modified. I m sure most of the people now know that Game Ventures where I used to work as a Creative Director has ceased operations as a progressing company, and gone into maintenance mode. What this means is it’s no longer going to be actively developing it’s products, it’ll just keep them […]

June 10th2011

My Apple Macbook’s new bottom case just got replaced! I love the smell and texture of the free replacement 😀 Thanks to Zuhair at Media Center PK, and Apple Inc. in general for this replacement, had I paid for this it would have set be back 10,000 PKR. Also Thank you Abbassi Ali for taking […]

June 8th2011

My mac has had this problem since I guess the end of last year (2010), and Apple just recently released a fix for this (Thank you Ahmer Sultan for telling me about it). I was all like this is going to cost alot, since I got in touch with the people at Media Center, and […]

June 2nd2011

My website has finally been promoted to it’s new version from being in development on and off for quite some time. Visit the site, and share some love. Let me know what you guys think.

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