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July 6th2012

Something random that comes out of boredom. Looking for the wallpaper.

December 19th2011

I had another version of this artwork, which I would still keep personal, and would never release publicly, only a few have seen that one.. Any how, I put this version out, since it doesn’t carry the disturbing graphics of the other one, and I think I some how convey a message through this one. […]

April 13th2009

Before blogs hit the internet, most of our information sources were either the Newspaper websites, the Newspapers itself, the Television or the Radio, but soon after the idea of blogging clicked, we could find blogs on almost everything, and information was widespread, but it wasn’t long before some one came up with the idea of […]

March 8th2009

6th March 2009, the day active bloggers in Karachi met again to discuss various issues affecting our nation online and offline, organized by Google Pakistan, CIO Pakistan and Wateen Telecom, turned out to be quite some resolutions and suggestions, thoughts and valuable brainstorming. I reached the venue a little late, since I was coming straight […]

January 11th2009

Above is the new desktop background that I made recently honouring Ernesto Che Guevara. I’ve been hearing alot about him in my office recently and obviously one of the songs which is a tribute to him, so anyhow I thought what the hell I can give a little tribute to the him myself, hence this […]

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