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June 14th2011

This is a short animation done by one of my bestest friends I have, Uzma. This video concludes the countless hours of bitching, hardwork, modeling, renders (majorly) and what not. I m proud of you Uzma, this has been done awesomely, but I think the sound could’ve been better on this.

May 31st2010

This post is not written by me, but I do agree to the points raised here. The original post can be found here. You can also download the ‘Free the internet’ desktop wallpaper here. Pakistani Citizens Demand an End to Internet Censorship and Intimidation: On Wednesday 19th May 2010, the Lahore High Court ordered the […]

December 18th2008

Hey folks, remember I had posted earlier that I enjoyed the Bloggers meet up in Karachi. I had appeared in front of a flip cam to record a lil video, that video is out now, check it out. Incase you don’t know me in person, I m the third person who appears in that video. […]

December 3rd2008

The tragic incident of Mumbai, India dropped me into a shock. The next moment of the incident, Indian bureaucrats and media started pointing the ‘confident’ finger at Pakistan. This reminded me of ‘Samjhota Express’ tragedy. Within couple of hours of Samjhota Express bombings, Indian authorities were pointing fingers at Pakistan. Turned out, the gruesome massacre […]

November 8th2008

I was just hopping on teabreak and found this: Looks awesome doesn’t ? Taken from here. Found on Pizory via Teabreak. Great work !

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