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August 23rd2013

To all those who’re out there alive breathing human souls (and no not that google bot) who some how decided that they’d come here and read this space, let me tell you I have been an invisible man for my blog. It’s been a good couple of months since I last wrote, and it has […]


August 28th2012

Solitary trees, if they grow at all. Grow Strong. Something I made to kill some time at work. Merely took like 30 minutes.

February 19th2011

Some shots I took on an early morning, surprizingly it was pretty cloudy that day, see below for more shots on the same day 🙂

November 13th2010

I just got a copy of “HTML 5 for Web designers” written by Jeremy Keith and published by A book Apart. I also received a letter from Jeffery Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria & Mandy Brown. Thanks to my mamo (uncle) Shakil ur Rehman, and my cousin Jimmi for sending my this book 🙂

August 12th2010

Pictures at the end of the post. On the 23rd of last month (July 2010), me and a couple of my friends (+new friend on the trip) decided that we’re going to hit the Northern areas of Pakistan (read: we wanted to go on vacations). I’ve added the nicer pictures here but if you want […]

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