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January 5th2015

Happy New Year everyone. As with a few of my previous posts, I’d like to add some important happenings in my life here, though I m sorry for not updating this as often as I once used to. I realised not too long ago that this very blog is about 8 years and 23 days […]

August 25th2014

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog, I m sure it’s been ages, infact the last time I did was to wish anyone (read no one) who was reading, a Happy New Year. A Happy year it has been for me so far Mashallah, Alhamdolillah. Infact I think things have been pretty […]

December 12th2013

I m more of a Sir Richard Branson fan, but then again you end up respecting people for what they’ve done. In that context I truely admire what Mandela had done for his country, for his people.. The struggles and the pain he put himself through just so the other won’t have to. In his […]

October 4th2013

Finally a hate post! Didn’t think I’d write one, did you? Well surprise mothafookaa! I was going to start with how I dont like their logo at all and stuff like that, but I guess for now, fuck that! There are more things and services fundamentally wrong with this bank than their logo, brand and […]

August 23rd2013

To all those who’re out there alive breathing human souls (and no not that google bot) who some how decided that they’d come here and read this space, let me tell you I have been an invisible man for my blog. It’s been a good couple of months since I last wrote, and it has […]

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