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January 2nd2014

It’s a brand new year, and no it’s the beginning of anything else, just a rest on the calendar. But I do hope things change for the better for everyone. Till then, Happy New Year everyone.

December 30th2012

It’s almost the end of 2012, about a day more and then we’re done with it. No more of 12/12/12 crap.. no more of the Mayan’s Ending our world.. No more of ‘Oh god we’re gonna die’.. End of all that. It’ll be time of a fresh start for alot of things hopefully.. I look […]

August 13th2012

Posting this a day earlier, so you guys can actually get a glimpse of it. Otherwise it just gets lost in the dozen other images that go up on the same day. So Happy Independence day to all my Pakistani behen bhai’s.. specially the behens

November 7th2011

Eid Mubarak everyone I’d like to thank two stock artists for this image. For the pattern. For the brush strokes.

January 1st2011

This new year’s got legs, the last one was well.. indecent

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