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June 9th2012

I just recently finished ‘Richard Branson – Losing my Virginity’, and man is that book awesome. Richard Branson is like my new hero! Full of energy and spirit! Show’s how stuff’s done and how to take a stand where it’s important, and the way he addresses the social issues.. Brilliant! Now I m on Nelson […]

November 2nd2011

Let me start by saying, I m really enjoying reading books all over again. A lot of people I know think this is something new for me, most of you don’t know I used to read a lot as a kid.. It kind of stopped after I found computers and design and the rest of […]

September 15th2011

It took me ages to go through that book, for one I m a slow reader and I’d like to take my time to digest whats in there. Honestly I don’t read much, but this books gets you thinking. And since recently we’ve be occupied with sad news mostly around Karachi and Pakistan in general, […]

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