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December 19th2011

I had another version of this artwork, which I would still keep personal, and would never release publicly, only a few have seen that one.. Any how, I put this version out, since it doesn’t carry the disturbing graphics of the other one, and I think I some how convey a message through this one. […]


December 14th2011

Made it out of boredom 😀

December 7th2011

The chaotic messiah in you is what has created this disturbance of an ungodly imbalance. Satanic fellowship of the world leaders.. Mass murderers of millions of people like you and me. Some random stuff I came up with.. just this morning. Like I said before, yes I do believe in conspiracy theories.

December 5th2011

This is some artwork I was working on today. It’s mostly a random thought, but yes incase you’re wondering.. I do believe in a lot of conspiracy theories. I also believe theres a bigger plan at play.. a plan which most people fail to comprehend.. I m not saying I m pretty smart to understand all […]

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