October 26th2011

Fairly recently, Game Ventures sponsored the event “Start up weekend Karachi“, which ran from 21st of October to the 23rd of October 2011.

The event in all honesty wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t done in a way to facilitate either the participants or the mentors, In my opinion had these participants been given a a day or two to sit and discuss their projects with the mentors before they start working on their projects, it would’ve benefitted them a lot.

On the other hand, the turn out wasn’t that bad. I liked this one particular project called “Namaz Timings & Qibla Direction” by M. Owais Nadiadwala. This sounds like a casual project, but Islamic in nature. The only thing that comes out of this is how comprehensive they made it. Plus they had a working demo. Something I thought would be very welcome.

The project goes about helping a new muslim settler in a new country or city to find masjid, Namaz timings, qibla directions and in the works is where to find Halal food places and shops where you can get halal stuff. I know how important that is for a Muslim to live in a city that not predominantly Islamic.

I would any how advise the management to understand the mechanics of such an event in a better way to promote and facilite the next gen of this nation into bringing the best out of them. Also attention to detail in their marketing and promotion online or offline is must.

The Keynote

Just for a second let me say we have a very laid back culture in our environment, we don’t have fancy offices since we’re not really a customer services company, but its our home, we make Love to our products there. We don’t just create and move on, we make sure what we’re doing is something that the users are enjoying and obviously a few percentage of them hating it too without that how do rethink your products and improve them. This user feedback is somewhat a back bone of all product innovations in any field, thats what drives the minds of inventors and innovators.

I was also to give a keynote on behalf of Game Ventures on the 3rd day of the event. It’s a lengthy one.. I think I spent some 15 minutes eating everyone’s brains on the stage. Truely the most boring keynote any one would’ve given.

Grab a copy of the speech, or the presentation that went along with the speech. Have fun.

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