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August 30th2011

Yesterday was like sudden rain, cloudy and a sudden change of weather, something most people in Karachi welcomed I guess.

August 23rd2011

So this is a fairly recent thing, but I’ve started reading books.. Yeah no shit! I have. I m enjoying it. All the little time I get away from the computer I read, on my way to work, in bed and times like that. It’s not such a bad thing really 😀 So what have […]

August 5th2011

Demented Inc. presents Anaglyph 3D glasses in Karachi, Pakistan. If you want to watch 3D movies at home, no matter what television set or computer you have, or if you wish to see 3D images, and no I don’t mean just 3D rendered images, then these are the glasses for you. You can watch full […]

August 4th2011

I took these pictures recently, when it was pretty cloudy here in Karachi.. Yes it is rare in this really hot weather. Took these from the office building, along with Najam, Umair and Mahaa. Don’t ask me why I didn’t put up their pictures. I’d also like to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak. 🙂

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