June 8th2011

My mac has had this problem since I guess the end of last year (2010), and Apple just recently released a fix for this (Thank you Ahmer Sultan for telling me about it).

I was all like this is going to cost alot, since I got in touch with the people at Media Center, and they told me this bottom case costs around PKR 10,000/- I was like WTF? But thankfully, Apple takes responsibility for this and will be replacing it for me hopefully this Friday. 🙂

I recommend you all who have Macbooks, even those who don’t have a damaged one to visit this link, so that incase your Mac get’s the same problem, you’ll know how to get it fixed 🙂 Also if you paid to get this fixed recently, you’re in for a refund.

On the other hand, I m really looking forward to Apple Mac OSX Lion, yes I m still not too crazy about iCloud, as for the iOS5.. as long as I won’t be able to use it… I wouldn’t say a word, I need to save some cash to get iphone 4 maybe.


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