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June 24th2011

This is Jamshed’s cake. He’s one of the guys who’s going to laugh at your every joke.. seriously.. So we thought his cake should laugh at him

June 21st2011

I few friends of mine just launched their Wedding (and more) photography venture.. show them some like love! Here’s there Facebook page. Like them on Facebook, tweet about them on twitter. Spread the word.

June 14th2011

This is a short animation done by one of my bestest friends I have, Uzma. This video concludes the countless hours of bitching, hardwork, modeling, renders (majorly) and what not. I m proud of you Uzma, this has been done awesomely, but I think the sound could’ve been better on this.

June 12th2011

Continuing from my previous post “Stuff from the storage“, I’ve added a few more pictures. Let me tell you what’s in here. There are a few things to note though, these are like ages old, like in my older post, a Mamiya 135Ef belonged to 1979. An Alarm clock by Linden A flash gun by Metz, […]

June 12th2011

It’s time I got the house painted, it looks like a sad sad place. So since I getting that done, it’s a good idea to do a little cleaning as well, throwing stuff out that doesn’t matter or hasn’t been used in ages, and then I found some stuff that just blow my mind! I […]

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