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May 30th2011

I just tested out TiltShift plugin on Apple Aperture, this is the result. Taken with a Nikon D40 (18mm-55mm). Post processed in Apple Aperture & Tiltshift plugin. Loved it ♥♥♥, Looking forward to doing more.

May 21st2011

Some more 3d pictures, these are nicer than the ones before 🙂

May 20th2011

HEre are a few more 3d images I’ve worked on, I m loving this technology. 🙂 Some of the pictures above have very subtle 3d, and some of them have it obvious. Stay on a picture a bit to see the results. Oh and these require you to wear the Anaglyphic 3d (red/cyan) glasses. Which […]

May 19th2011

A few images I took yesterday of the new pen holder dice I bought. and also yes it’s because I was getting bored yesterday 😛

May 15th2011

Ladies & gentlemen, I m sure very few people will actually see this, but anyhow.. Presenting my first ever 3d image. yes created by yours truely (Why do we use that term anyways, we’re all liars.) I look forward to making more of this, but in this image I know there are countless number of […]

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