March 30th2010

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I’ve been planning on writing this post for ages, but the XuQa redesign just didn’t let me spare a few minutes, but now that I have some, I shall speak.

The redesign had taken over us for quite some time, this whole redesign process started some 3 months back, and honestly redesigns are more effort and pain than first hand design, sure you already have basic elements in place, and most of the functional part + users are used to that UI. Now it’s quite an amount of brainstorming sessions that makes sure that all aspects of the present UI are covered in the new UI, unless of course something has to be cut down.

When we started the redesign of XuQa, we mostly planned on adding some features and fixing some issues which had been left incomplete or faulty by the last developers. Our goal was to fix most of the problems our users faced and make their life on XuQa simpler. I would like to give Onur and Umut a round of applause for their input and understanding of the Turkish XuQa community, Our CEO who knew exactly what we had to make right and of course our developers on the project Rahil (CTO), Ahmer (Senior Developer) & Rashid (Flash developer), our Quality Assurance Engineer Faraz. People from the management Fraz and Ahmed who made it possible that we could be as big of morons as we can be provided we pumped out our energy on this big baby whom we call XuQa.

I would also point out that Fraz currently is unstable health wise and would appreciate if you could say a small prayer for his health.

Even though the relaunch went fine, there are still little bugs that need to be squashed. In the next few days we’ll be fixing as much as we can, wish us Good luck.

Our current XuQa team consists of the following people:

  • Zaki (Chief Executiove Officer)
  • Rahil (Chied Technical Officer)
  • Ahmer (Senior Developer)
  • Shahzad Khan (Creative Director)
  • Rashid (Flash Developer)
  • Faraz (Quality assurance Engineer)


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  • now you should work on a site and name it phuga (balloon in gujju) :p

    March 30, 2010
  • @Raheel
    and what would I do with that ?

    March 30, 2010

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