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March 30th2010

I’ve been planning on writing this post for ages, but the XuQa redesign just didn’t let me spare a few minutes, but now that I have some, I shall speak. The redesign had taken over us for quite some time, this whole redesign process started some 3 months back, and honestly redesigns are more effort […]

March 19th2010

A Video I did very recently. This video has been made entirely from clips recorded during my ride from work to home. It also features clips from my lunch with my awesome friends at Creative Chaos. Credits: Music stolen from: Track: Hurricane 2000 Artist: Scorpions & Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

March 6th2010

I m in Karachi people. I’ve been here since the 19th of Feb’10. I apologize for not letting a lot of you know that, honestly I wanted to surprise 😛 From the day I landed everything has been pretty energetic+super busy. Friday when I landed was the day I shocked my family, that was pretty neat I tell you […]

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