June 30th2009

Lately the days have been really kind to me, and so have the people around me. I haven’t written about quite some goodness in my life of late.

Some time back, we went out and watched Transformers II, oh yes a movie lot of people are still waiting to see, but boy it’s an amazing movie, I m planning to go and watch it again soon.

Last weekend I was out with friends and decided to hit the Escape theme park, what we experienced there was plain awesomeness, though we know there was lots missing there and that a lot of rides were for kids, but then again we are kids at some level! so hell yeah we enjoyed that alot, for those who are going to ask for pictures please know that we were having so much fun we couldn’t snap pictures 😛

Anyways, and now we’re planning more goodness for the coming weekend. Ice Age 3 in a 3d cinema is in the agenda 🙂

Oh and btw, I kinda lost a 100 SGD :S

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