March 2nd2009

As you can notice from the image above, I’m really loving my cheap drawing tablet. I tried playing with it, and those were the outcomes, even though the game we launched recently at Xuqa on Facebook, is more of a glossy thing than it is sketchy, you can check it out here (You need to be logged in to facebook to access the game).

Also I’m going to starting on some really nice games here on Xuqa, soon. But for now we trying to iron out all the bugs present in the current game system, which are very small in numbers and significance though.

Oh and the other image that you see above is my new artwork which I recently posted on deviantart, which can be seen here. It was basically my first (finished) artwork on my new drawing tablet 🙂

Anyways, since I m at work, and I haven’t got my internest connection subscription renewed, I think I’ll continue my stories later, I m hoping I can get my subscription renewed.. Till then..


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